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MMORPG Offline MVP Request for Testers

September 08, 2019

We are building a Free-to-Play, Sandbox MMORPG set in a Techno-High-Fantasy world.

We will deliver highly engaging game-play and foster in-game community by focusing on game-play mechanics and content. To do this, we will disregard storyline. Instead, the story will be an emergent property of how players play the game together.

We will monetize through cosmetic-only content.

The core concepts of game are:

  • Reimagined MMORPG mechanics: skills and crafting are action-based
  • The best items can only be obtained through crafting
  • Flat skill tree: Be who you want to be.

Current Goal

Our current goal for this offline MVP is to determine if the core game mechanics work, ways to improve them, and to address bugs,


Are you interested in helping us test this game? Send me an email at

Tester Information

For testing purposes, testers start with:

  • 100 skill points
  • 1000 status points
  • 10 second revive rate
  • 1000 arrows


  1. Download the Mac or PC client.
  2. Unzip the client.
  3. Open the game, MMORPG.
  4. The menu M contains a list of inputs.


  1. Status: In the menu M, add status points to your statuses.
  2. Skills: In the skill book K, add skill points to skills.
  3. Combat: Fight enemies using your skills with A S D F Q W E R 1 2 3 4.
  4. Level up: Gain levels by filling your EXP bar. This is gained on-hit and on-kill.
  5. Revive: You should revive after dying.
  6. NPC discussions: Talk to the NPC with T.
  7. NPC Shops: Buy and Sell items.
  8. Inventory: Equip and use items with I.
  9. Quests: Complete a “Go To Location” and “Kill” quest. Check on your quest log with J.


Are there compelling aspects in this demo? Could you imagine this as an engaging MMORPG? Send feedback to Peter Chau at or Bruce Le as

Be sure to include the build version that you tested, and the amount of skill/status points that you used.

Additional Information

  • Hold Left Shift to run
  • Melee skills must be held to fully execute. The amount the cast bar will filled at the moment of impact with an enemy determines critical damage bonus.
  • Projectile skills must be held to fill the cast bar. During this time, holding the right mouse button will activate aiming. The projectile fires on release. The amount the cast bar is filled at the moment of release determines critical damage bonus.
  • Consumables, and Buff Skills must be held to execute.
  • Dominate hand and off hand is determined by the level of mastery for that hand. This will be applied to equipment and skills using that hand.

Peter Chau

Written by Peter Chau, a Canadian Software Engineer building AIs, APIs, UIs, and robots.